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Get Closer, Keith Urban

Keith Urban

November 16th, 2010

Birth Name:
Keith Lionel Urban

Keith Urban


Years Active:
'90s, '00s, '10s


Keith Urban
Keith Urban
'00s Country
'00s Country
Country: 2009
Country: 2009

Keith Urban


Although born in New Zealand and raised in neighborhood Australia, Keith Urban made his greatest splash in Nashville, Where he helped rewrite the principles of latest Us Of A Song. By Way Of embracing drum loops and parts of Prime Forty pop, Urban wrote songs that appealed to a large target audience, successfully fulfilling his Nashville fanatics With Out alienating those extra familiar with pop Track. He also turned into a real celebrity, recognized for his Good appears, marriage to Nicole Kidman, and outspoken fight with alcoholism. Nevertheless, it was the Tune that maintained Urban's profession, from his work with the Ranch during the late '90s to the acclaimed solo albums that followed.

Top Albums

Get Closer, Keith Urban
1. Get Closer
Keith Urban: Greatest Hits, Keith Urban
2. Keith City:..
Get Closer (Deluxe Version), Keith Urban
Three. Get Nearer (..
Defying Gravity, Keith Urban
Four. Defying Grav..
Golden Road, Keith Urban
5. Golden Street
Be Here, Keith Urban
6. Be Here
Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing, Keith Urban
7. Love, Ache &..
Keith Urban, Keith Urban
8. Keith City
In The Ranch, Keith Urban
9. in the Ranch
You're My Better Half - EP, Keith Urban
10. You're My Be..
iTunes Originals - Keith Urban, Keith Urban
Eleven. iTunes Origi..
You'll Think of Me - Single, Keith Urban
12. You'll Think..
In God's Hands (feat. Keith Urban) - Single, Nelly Furtado
13. In God's Han..
Start a Band (Duet with Keith Urban) - Single, Brad Paisley
14. Start a Band..
Lil' Digger - Single, Keith Urban
15. Lil' Digger ..
Blue Sky (feat. Keith Urban) - Single, Emily West
16. Blue Sky (fe..

Prime Songs

Title Album Time Value

You Gonna Fly Get Nearer (Deluxe Version) 3:36 $1.29

For You Act of Valor 4:49 $1.29

Long Sizzling Summer Season Get Nearer 4:33 $1.29

Somebody such as you Golden Street 5:22 $1.29

You'll Call To Mind Me Keith Urban: Best Hits 3:51 $1.29

Option (Us Of A Artists for Soles4So.. Option (U . S . A . Artists for.. 3:Fifty Seven $1.29

Put You In a Tune Get Nearer Three:Forty $1.29

Making Recollections of Us Keith City: Greatest Hits 3:56 $1.29

Without You Get Closer (Deluxe Model) Three:56 $1.29

Silly Boy Love, Ache & the whole .. 6:16 $1.29

Handiest which you can Love Me this fashion Defying Gravity Four:07 $1.29

Kiss a lady Defying Gravity 3:Forty Six $1.29

Tonight I Wanna Cry Keith City: Finest Hits Four:19 $1.29

Candy Thing Defying Gravity Three:Forty Eight $1.29

With Out You Get Nearer 3:Fifty Five $1.29

Better Existence Keith Urban: Best Hits Four:Forty Three $1.29

Any Individual such as you Keith Urban: Best Hits 5:23 $1.29

Where the Blacktop Ends Keith City: Best Hits 3:06 $1.29

You'll Bring To Mind Me Golden Highway 4:53 $1.29

I'm In Defying Gravity 4:33 $1.29

'Til Summer Time Comes Round Defying Gravity 5:31 $1.29

Days Go By Using Be Here 3:Forty Four $1.29

Lengthy Hot Summer Get Nearer (Deluxe Model) 4:33 $1.29

Raining On Sunday Keith Urban: Finest Hits 3:Fifty Four $1.29

You Look Excellent In My Shirt Golden Street 3:Forty Seven $1.29

High Tune Videos

For You, Keith Urban
1. For You
Long Hot Summer, Keith Urban
2. Lengthy Hot Summe..
Without You, Keith Urban
Three. With Out You
Put You In a Song, Keith Urban
4. Put You In a S..
You Gonna Fly, Keith Urban
5. You Gonna Fly
You'll Think of Me, Keith Urban
6. You'll Suppose o..
Only You Can Love Me This Way, Keith Urban
7. Simplest which you can L..
'Til Summer Comes Around, Keith Urban
Eight. 'Til Summer Season Co..
Making Memories of Us, Keith Urban
9. Making Memorie..
Tonight I Wanna Cry, Keith Urban
10. Tonight I Wann..
Sweet Thing, Keith Urban
Eleven. Sweet Thing
Somebody Like You, Keith Urban
12. Any Person Like ..
Days Go By, Keith Urban
Thirteen. Days Go With The Aid Of
Kiss a Girl, Keith Urban
14. Kiss a woman
Raining On Sunday, Keith Urban
15. Raining On Sun..
Stupid Boy, Keith Urban
Sixteen. Silly Boy
You Look Good In My Shirt (Live), Keith Urban
17. You Seem Just Right ..
Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me (Long Version), Keith Urban
18. Who Wouldn't W..
Better Life, Keith Urban
19. Better Life
But for the Grace of God, Keith Urban
20. However for the Gr..


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